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2017-07-06 19:17:16 by NecroLycanStudios

Hello, little heathens!

I broke down and finally got a Twitter, so now you can follow me on there and see what I get up to when I'm not working on games or making 3D art. It's a little sparse for now, but there will be plenty of cat pictures (Aria is quite photogenic), pictures of food (who doesn't love food?) as well as other interesting tidbits in the near future. The link is in my profile.

See you over there!

Stay creepy,



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2017-07-06 19:52:23

I don't have Twitter. No cat, either. No need to look at pictures of food. I can, however, remain creepy, and I'll be interested in seeing what you got going on in game development.

Welcome to Newgrounds.
Mur. Also, mur.

NecroLycanStudios responds:

Thank you!